It was packed and there was a lot of energy coming out of it. It’s going to be another great one this year

Dave Deibler

One of the brightest spots in the Iowa scene this year was Cedar Falls. Anchored by killer rock and pop acts,

and supported by local-music-friendly clubs, Cedar Falls built a strong reputation across the state this year.

—Ames Tribune

From its inception in 2013, CHMF has first and foremost desired to showcase the outstanding talent the local music scene has to offer.

Thanks to your support the festival plays a major role in cementing Cedar Valley as a source of good alternative music and strives in continuously building awareness across the state and Midwest region for this community.

There are too many talented individuals from Northern Iowa,  from diverse music genres, who constantly contribute to our ears, and yet, cannot follow their passion. The Music Festival is meant to create a symbiotic relationship, one where audiences support the livelihoods of musicians, and in return, we get more dedicated bands, more music venues, and more fun.

Strong Cedar Valley community support and the collective efforts of many local individuals will surely make May 3rd, 2014 a special day.